A January or February with March-like weather. Also: March-uary. [March + January or March + February.]
Example Citations:
"The whole lower 48 and much of southern Canada is feeling the effects of what I call 'Marchuary," said Paul Douglas, meteorologist and founder of Weather Nation, a weather outsourcing company in the Twin Cities, Minn. "It really is on the verge of being unprecedented meteorologically to be this warm for this long, this deep into winter."
—Emily Sohn, " This winter's weirdly warm weather explained:\#mkcpgn=emnws1," Discovery News, January 10, 2012
No doubt, the weather has been pretty weird lately. Someone's even coined a genius label for it: Marchuary. We won't get into any prospective causes here; instead, let's talk about how to react when it's technically February but feels like March.
—Kate Krader, " Meatball mania across America:," CNN Eatocracy, February 27, 2012
Earliest Citation:
"It's too nice for there not to be consequences down the road" my wife whispered — gazing out at a kid (in shorts) — walking his dog.
—Paul Douglas, " Welcome to 'March-uary' (near-record territory....50 tomorrow?):," Conservation Minnesota, January 9, 2012
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